I was treated with the utmost respect by Hyundai. I am truly thankful for such a great customer service experience. What made my customer service experience memorable and my decision to choose Hyundai not only for the car but because I was not pressured into buying. Everything was easy to read and explained very thoroughly. I was given choices. Rather then being talked at, I was talked to and any questions or concerns I had were explained no matter how many times I asked the same question. This is by far the best customer service experience I have ever received from a dealership even if I decided not to choose Hyundai my opinion will still stand as is. I want to thank 3 individuals for this experience Nav Bhatia for his generosity. Praveen Manchanda for his financial services and helping me choose the best options and packages which listening to all my concerns. Third I want to thank Steve Wilson for his over the top fantastic sales and customer service experience. Steve went above and beyond to make sure all my needs and wants were met. Last but definitely not least I want to thank all Hyundai employees for their hospitality. Thank you it’s been a pleasure! – 16-09-2015