Customer Name: KYLE R.

Dealership Employees Involved with this Transaction:
Sales Consultant: ZAHIR DUKHAN
Sales Manager: SCOTT POLLOCK

Comment: The whole experience was incredible. Most people dread the purchase of a vehicle for fear of haggling with the sales people and feeling like you are being taken advantage of. This was not the case at Mississauga Hyundai. Scott Pollock and Zahir Dukhan were very professional and caring throughout the whole process. I was in need of a vehicle fairly quickly as my 2007 Sante Fe (with over 300,000 km on it) was in need of repair so we decided to upgrade. Scott and Zahir helped me get into my new vehicle with no hiccups or bumps along the way. We were on a trip out west during the whole process and they made it a very easy process. Not to mention that our return flight was delayed and Zahir ensured that we were able to take delivery at 9:15pm as we were coming straight from the airport. Thank you Scott and Zahir for making this an excellent experience and I will continue to refer my friends and family to Mississauga Hyundai. Kyle and Celine Ratcliffe