A common question among consumers is whether they should return to the dealership from which they purchased their car or have routine car maintenance service to major repairs done by an independent repair shop.

The new car dealership from where you purchased your new or pre-owned vehicle has been selected as the best choice for consumers by experts such as Edmunds, WardsAuto, and Popular Mechanics.

Here are five facts to consider when selecting an auto repair service for your Hyundai

Technical Expertise
Hyundai dealerships have Hyundai-trained technicians who work almost solely on Hyundai vehicles. Not only do they receive Hyundai training on how to service or repair your vehicle correctly, but they receive ongoing education on servicing both new and existing models. When dealing with an independent garage the technicians receive no specialized Hyundai training and they may see only one or two Hyundai cars in their shop each week. They simply don’t have the knowledge and experience working on Hyundai vehicles that an authorized dealership has.

Warranty Coverage
If your Hyundai is within the five year, 100,000 km Hyundai warranty, the Hyundai Service Center is reimbursed by the manufacturer to perform any covered repairs. The Hyundai Comprehensive Limited Warranty covers the repair or replacement of any component manufactured or originally installed by Hyundai that is defective in material or factory workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. While an independent shop could possibly make these repairs, the initial cost would have to come out of your pocket.

Hyundai Protection Plan
For mechanical repair coverage beyond Hyundai’s five year, 100,000 km comprehensive warranty Hyundai Extended Protection allows new car buyers to extend the term and kilometer limit in specific increments up to eight years, 160,000 km. There is also a six year, 200,000 km program for high-mileage customers. Few, if any independent shops can offers this type of warranty, and further it’s honored at Hyundai dealers across Canada.

Recalls and Service Bulletins
Hyundai dealer service departments have a distinct advantage when it comes to manufacturer recalls and technical service bulletins. While everyone knows what a safety recall involves, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) are specific communications sent to dealerships by manufacturer detailing a non-safety related issue and its solution. For example, there was one company (not Hyundai) that had sent out a TSB to its dealers because buttons would fall off the radio. New buttons were manufactured, distributed to dealers, and installed in customers’ cars at no cost to the vehicle owner. Every time your bring your vehicle into the Hyundai Service Center, it will automatically An independent garage wouldn’t learn of these issues as quickly and are unlikely to repair the issue for free.

Quality of Replacement Parts
Hyundai Service Centers repair vehicles only with Hyundai Original Equipment parts, literally the exact same parts that were used on the assembly line to build your Hyundai. Plus Hyundai parts carry a 12-month warranty, regardless of distance on both parts and labor. Which means that should a component fail which your Hyundai Service Center installed as part of a service or repair, all related costs are covered under the terms of the warranty, inside the warranty business.

Wide Range of Products and Services
In addition the Mississauga Hyundai Service Center offers a wide range of products and services. Starting with their enclosed Service Drive-Thru you never have to battle rain, snow, sleet or any other whether condition Ontario can throw at you. Inside you’ll find a friendly face ready to learn whether you’re at Mississauga Hyundai for general maintenance, a simple oil change, or a needed repair – seven days a week! For routine maintenance, Mississauga Hyundai has developed a simplified pricing structure that bundles the services into an uncomplicated and easy to understand menu. Tires? Not only is Mississauga Hyundai your replacement tires headquarters, come Fall they also stock winter tires in sizes specific to Hyundai models.

So when you’re looking for Hyundai service in Mississauga, look no further than their new 18 service bay Mississauga Hyundai Service Center on 3045 Glen Erin Drive, Mississauga, ON.