Dealership Employees Involved with this Transaction: 
Service Technician: CHRIS MUNRO
Service Advisor: MATHIAS MUELLER

Customer Name: ROSE C.

Customer Comment: We brought a new Accent and there was a problem with the car temperature that resulted in the car being towed to the Downtown Hyundai dealership. The technicians there was not able to properly diagnosed the problem so kept our car for over 2 days and then just did a patch job to get us out the door. While driving back to Mississauga, the car temperature light turned on again when we are on the highway!! Next day, we brought the car back to our own dealership Mississauga Hyundai. The difference between the two dealership was fully evident once we walked into the service area. We did not have an appointment but the lady at the reception area took our concern very seriously and immediately assigned a service advisor to attend to our issue. Within 15 mins, we have met with the advisor and our car was lining up for diagnostic. Throughout the day, the advisor gave us updates on what they have discover and order the required parts. We were able to pick up the car the next day and of course, got a free car wash 🙂