Anyone who owns a vehicle knows that it is important to keep it running through routine maintenance. Along with selling the highest quality Hyundai models available, Canada’s No. 1 Volume Hyundai Retailer also provides top-notch service to keep your car running like new no matter the make or model.

While an oil change might not be the first thing that you think of when it comes to keeping your car running, it is one of the most imperative service appointments that should be made and Mississauga Hyundai Service Department makes this service appointment an easy one.

How Often Should an Oil Change Occur?
As newer cars continue to come onto our lot one of the most routine questions that Mississauga Hyundai receives is how often should my vehicle receive a routine oil change? While all the so-called professionals have recommended that every vehicle under the sun should receive an oil change every 6,000 kilometres, there are other factors that should be considered before scheduling your next oil change.

While it’s tempting to save a few dollars by extending the time between oil changes, there are so many other reasons to consider before scheduling an oil change in Mississauga. So what exactly when should I schedule an oil change?

Technology in the newest Hyundai models are giving owners an extended grace period in oil changes. Although new vehicles can run longer on the same oil than older ones can, and improvements in motor oil have extended its efficiency over longer periods of time, it is important to consider other factors that can also aid you in when to make your next service appointment.

• How many kilometres do you drive in a month?
• What kind of terrain does your vehicle travel?
• When and where was your last oil change?
• What type of oil was used during the service appointment?

If you’re a freeway driver who goes on a lot of long journeys at high speeds, you can probably extend the oil change interval, but on anything but the newest vehicles, don’t go longer than 6,000 kilometres between changes. Driving with a heavy load, in stop-and-start downtown traffic, or in extreme Canadian winters also requires more frequent oil changes no matter your Hyundai model.

The use of synthetic oil also offers you a bit more time between service appointments. The use of this lighter weight oil is also good for our environment.

If you have weighed all the options and are ready to schedule your next oil change in Mississauga contact Mississauga Hyundai Service Department today. If you are in a hurry visit our website to get your oil change and get to where you need to be today.