Thanks to his intense devotion to the Toronto Raptors NBA over the past 19-years, Mississauga Hyundai Owner Nav Bhatia has officially been named the team’s superfan. The man who made the move to Canada over 30-years-ago has been attending games since his favorite basketball team made the same move over 20-years-ago.

Who is Nav Bhatia?

The newest Toronto Raptors Superfan made the transition from India to Canada 33-years-ago. Shortly after the move Mr. Bhatia joined Hyundai as the Sales Manager. After a lot of hard work, the natural born fan of high-quality autos eventually became the sole owner of the Canada’s No. 1 Volume Hyundai Retailer in Mississauga, Ontario in both 2013 and 14.

Although Bhatia was excited about the bright future that was quickly emerging following this move, he would have to continue to deal with the discrimination of being an outsider.

“I was a guy with a degree in mechanical engineering from California State University, but nobody would give me a job because of my turban. It was so bad back in those days,” said Bhatia.

Thankfully, a Chinese automotive dealer gave him a break as salesman.

“I was so desperate to succeed that I sold 127 cars within three months,” said Bhatia.

Bhatia was quickly rewarded with a promotion as a manager. “I always tell new immigrants that you have to work twice as hard to succeed, and that’s what I did.’’

We, at Mississauga Hyundai, were so impressed with his commitment that we made him the manager of our once failing dealership to turn it around. Thanks to his help, Mississauga Hyundai has quickly become a leader in Hyundai sales. Bhatia has also become one the top dealers in Canada.

Along with becoming a successful businessman, Bhatia has become an active neighbour in his new home. While he spends most of his time at Raptor home games, where he has never missed a home game since the team’s introduction into Canada, the 65-year-old car dealership owner is also the man behind introducing Bollywood in a big way in Canada. Beginning with Hum Saath in 1999, Bhatia has continued to bring newly released Bollywood films to Toronto and screen them at multiple theatres across the area.

What is in Store for the Raptors Superfan?
While this successful automotive businessman could use his new claim to fame to become one of the most powerful men in Toronto, Bhatia has instead used his new-found talent to become the ambassador for the Sikh community, and believes basketball is a powerful tool to bring people together.

“In ’84, I came here when the anti-Sikh riots were happening in India . . . I was lucky enough to get a visa, and as a family we came here,” said Bhatia. “When the Raptors came in ’95, I bought two tickets, because I could only afford two. Today, I buy thousands of kids tickets to the game. Although it is very expensive this gives me the opportunity to connect my community, the South Asians and especially the Sikhs, to the mainstream through the game of basketball.”

Bhatia is even starting his own non-profit foundation where he will make dreams come true one basketball court at a time.

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