2019 Hyundai Santa FeAt Mississauga Hyundai, we proudly offer the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe, which is a standout in the market for many reasons. This family SUV has proven to be quite useful for everyday activities, plus those life surprises which inevitably pop up. Plenty of shoppers still wonder if the interior features enough space to accommodate everything they need or want to fit.

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Interior Improvements
For the 2019 model year, Hyundai completely redesigned the Santa Fe. That includes quite a few upgrades for the interior, making it better than ever before.

All designs for the SUV interior are ergonomic, so getting comfortable whether you’re driving or riding as a passenger isn’t a struggle. That fact combines with an ample amount of space for everyone, so even longer drives are enjoyable for the entire family.

Among the improvements is an additional 38 mm of legroom in the second row of seats. Besides, the seats are 18 mm higher, so adults can sit without discomfort in the rear.
Getting to the third-row doesn’t involve difficulty, thanks to the one-touch folding seats on the second-row. Also, headroom for the third-row has grown by 22 mm, once again making it a space people of varying statures can use without enduring discomfort.

Up front, the driver and passenger both can find the most comfortable position using electric extendable seat cushions. With 10 different positions, a whole range of preferences is represented.

The interior has grown not just for passengers, but also for cargo. After all, one of the big advantages of driving the Hyundai Santa Fe is superior space to carry a variety of items versus a car.

As the driver, you’ll appreciate the larger rear quarter glass. At 41 per cent more area than the previous design, visibility has been boosted considerably.

Advanced Features
You get more than just space with the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. Many leading technologies are available for the SUV, including numerous exclusive safety systems. These features come in the Hyundai SmartSense bundle.

For example, rear occupant alert helps drivers remember if there are people in the rear seats. When it detects a passenger in one of the seats, it offers a warning as the driver leaves the SUV.

Rear cross-traffic collision-avoidance assist not only warns when the Hyundai Santa Fe might hit an obstacle, but it also applies the brakes automatically. This is a step closer to preventing accidents in one of the most dangerous situations.

Getting out of a car when parked on the side of the road comes with some risks. Safety exit assist helps by monitoring other cars approaching from behind. In that scenario, the doors lock automatically, then unlock once the vehicle has passed.

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