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Premium Ceramic Window Tints
Winter Tires

Why Should You Consider Ceramic Window Film?

The goal of all types of window film is to absorb some of the heat radiating down on your vehicle while also keeping the windows darker. This makes it more difficult for outsiders to see into your vehicle. However, with so many types of window film on the market, it can be difficult to choose. Ceramic window film may be one of the newer ones on the market, but it has a firm stance. It absorbs heat and keeps your vehicle safe from outsiders looking in. However, that is not all that it can do.

Ceramic Window Film Won’t Conduct Heat or Block Your View

Ceramic window film does not contain any metal, carbon, or dye. This makes it an ideal application for inside vehicles where young children may be present. Since it is ceramic, it is non-conductive. This means it is not going to conduct heat when you touch it. Ceramic window film is able to cut approximately 50% of the heat that enters your vehicle by means of infrared light. This means it is going to keep your vehicle significantly cooler during hot summer months. However, because of its makeup, ceramic window film is able to allow for you to be able to see out the windows clearly, both during the daytime and at night.

Ceramic Film Lets Your Devices Still Work

Electronics that struggle to function when you use a metallic window film won’t have struggles when you opt for ceramic window film. It allows for each of those electronic devices to function like normal. So, when in the vehicle, your GPS won’t send you the wrong way, and you can still send and receive calls when necessary. This type of film adds strength to your window. That allows them to be virtually shatterproof when applied properly. Ceramic does not reflect glare, making you less likely to be blinded when driving your vehicle. Plus, fading is nearly non-existent on ceramic tints, especially when compared to other types of tint.

You and Your Vehicle Get UV Protection with Ceramic Window Tinting

Another benefit of using ceramic window film on the windows of your vehicle is its ability to block out UV rays. This gives you multiple benefits. First, while in your vehicle, your level of exposure is nearly non-existent. Ceramic film blocks out nearly 99% of the UV rays that would normally come straight through a vehicle’s windows. These are the type of rays that would normally give you a sunburn or increase your risk of skin cancer. Second, your vehicle also gets protection. Since UV rays can damage your skin, the same can be assumed for the vehicle’s interior. By using a ceramic film, you protect the interior of your vehicle from damage. Things like fading, cracking, and blistered interiors are now a thing of the past.

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