Chartered Professional Accountants


  • The CPA Member Saving program is only available to current members and staff of the CPA in good standing, or a family member residing in the same residential address as the active member


  • CPA member must submit a registration form through the CPA partner page ( - (This form requires the CPA member to enter full name, postal code, email address, daytime phone, CPA Canada membership number and preferred Hyundai dealership)
  • Once the form is received, reviewed and approved/rejected, a Hyundai Canada dealership will be assigned and will follow up with the customer


  • The CPA Member Saving program is non-transferrable and must not be made available to the general public.
  • The vehicle must be registered at the same address of the CPA member/staff.
  • All eligible vehicles retailed under this program will qualify for the promotional finance, promotional lease and/or all other HACC retail incentive programs available at the time of purchase.
  • All CPA Member Savings program deals must follow this pricing - dealer invoice + 3% + $350 admin fee less current in market retail programs (this is a reduction in selling price, therefore the discount is before tax)
  • There will be no exceptions for CPA members and staff who do not purchase their vehicle through the CPA Member Savings Program and wish to apply for CPA pricing after purchasing the vehicle.
  • Dealers are under no obligation to inform CPA members and staff of the CPA Members Savings program prior to purchase as this is a HACC to CPA program administered through dealerships who are contacted beforehand by HACC to participate in the program.
  • The Program cannot be combined with the fleet/commercial incentives programs.
  • Dealers are not required to participate in the CPA program if they so choose.

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