Order The Heart Of A Superfan: A Memoir of Grit, Love, Family and Basketball by Nav Bhatia. Learn More and Order Today.

Order The Heart Of A Superfan: A Memoir of Grit, Love, Family and Basketball by Nav Bhatia. Learn More and Order Today.

Online Tire Center

Welcome to our Online Tire Center. Mississauga Hyundai's Tire Store carries over 20 of the top brands including Michelin, GoodYear, Firestone, Hankook and more! We offer Summer, Winter, and All-Season tires and tire packages.

Our certified parts team will educate you on the pro's and con's of each tire, and help you
choose the best match for your needs and driving habits. We carry Car and SUV tire and rim
packages available for most makes and models. Rebates are available on major tire brands. Feel free to contact us and Request a quote for tires and/or rims today!

Four Reason's Why Tire's are Important

First and foremost, your tires play an essential role in the safety of your vehicle. If yours have been driven on for so long that they've seriously deteriorated, you may be putting yourself and your passengers at risk.
You have to keep in mind that each tire is supporting a quarter of the weight of your vehicle. That's a lot of weight. So if any of your tires is compromised, it can become a big deal pretty quickly.
Your tires give you the ability to grip the road, turn safely, and stop in a reasonable amount of time. If they're practically bald, they're not doing any of those jobs well, and that means you are in danger.
When you put it in perspective, shelling out the dough for a new set after five or six years of good use is a small price to pay for your personal well-being.
Have you been racking up a higher bill than usual at the pump? It probably has to do with your tires. They keep your car moving smoothly, but if they're worn down unevenly or not balanced properly, you could be wasting lots of money on fuel.
When your tires are off for any reason, it makes it more difficult for your vehicle to keep consistent contact with the road. And because the vehicle is working harder, it's using more fuel.
So if you're thinking that stretching out the life of your already impaired tires will help your financial situation, think again. It's likely that you're putting excessive cash into the gas tank without even realizing.
When your tires have good tread, are balanced properly, and are filled to the proper pressure, you can feel the difference in the way your car drives. It feels smooth and composed.
And when your tires are damaged or bare, you probably feel vibrating, pulling, etc. The ride is less pleasurable, and your vehicle's performance is subpar. A car's tires also aid its suspension, meaning that driving will feel uncomfortably bumpy and erratic when the rubber is worn out.
Make the most of your driving experience with high quality tires. You car will be able to efficiently deliver power to each of the wheels, and in turn, the tires will put it to the pavement.
Getting maximum traction from your tires affects pretty much everything related to driving. First, it ensures that you remain in control of your vehicle even when faced with tough conditions like snowy or slushy roads.
Tires with the proper amount of tread help pass water and snow through so your car stays grounded as you drive. Without that tread, the rubber just spins on wet surfaces, and you can quickly find yourself in a scary situation.
Even when the weather is perfectly fine, having tires that are in good condition still serves a purpose. Your car handles more capably, giving you a much more satisfying ride and reducing fuel consumption.


Mississauga Hyundai offers a Tire Storage Solution for those that have limited space. Our off-site location can store over 10,000 tires in a temperature controlled building ensuring that your tires are kept in a dry, safe space. Ask us for more details!
*Prices vary with tire size. Some restrictions may apply. See  Mississauga Hyundai for full details. Plus tax, installation/balancing, and stewardship fee, OAC.