Revised Store-Hours

Revised Store-Hours

As we learn more information about the Covid-19 situation, we are adapting for the safety of our customers and employees. Please find that Sales has revised their hours of:

10 - 7 PM - Monday - Thursday
9-6 PM - Friday - Saturday
w/ Staggered shifts to reduce the amount of traffic flowing through the dealership

With that being said, we are also expanding our services to include a Virtual Showroom which allows our guests to connect live with a product specialists on-site to go over any features of the vehicle they wish to inquire about! Including with this service, is @home test-drives* & @home deliveries (If it is safe to do-so and within a certain radius of our dealership).  Please call ahead to schedule your visit for everybody's safety. We normally do not request this, but it is for everybody's best interest at this time. We thank you for understanding as we are all going through this together.

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